Educational Bubbling for Beauts Goalie Kelsey Neumann


Educational Bubbling for Beauts Goalie Kelsey Neumann

By Melissa Brawdy

For Beauts goaltender Kelsey Neumann, the NWHL bubble will be a learning experience. Much of 2020 already has been for Neumann and her teammates, and when they enter the bubble season in late January, they’ll have even more adjustments to make. But the experience will be educational for more than just the Beauts players.

Neumann is a teacher, and she’s excited to bring her students into the bubble with her -- virtually, of course. The school where she teaches is currently operating virtually, and Neumann isn’t sure yet whether that will still be the case in late January or whether they’ll be meeting in-person. Either way, Neumann is bringing them along.

“Ideally they will be back in school and if that’s the case, I will call in a few times while I’m in the bubble via Zoom, and I will speak with them about Lake Placid because a lot of them may have never been,” Neumann said. “If I’m teaching during the bubble, I’ll teach during the daytime, and then most of the afternoon will be spent with my team prepping for games.”

Neumann and her teammates spent much of 2020 practicing safely due to restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Neumann says everyone stayed positive through the experience, and it made them closer as a team. Neumann advocates for mental health through Lift The Mask, and she believes her team survived the trials of 2020 because of their positivity and closeness. Now that they’re finally able to practice together, they’re just strengthening those bonds.

“Our whole team has been very positive throughout the whole thing and just really supporting each other and excited to be together,” said Neumann. “It’s really nice to see us come together and continue that support and solidarity.”

Neumann’s students will get to see that through her virtual meetings with them as well. They know she’s a Beaut, and she’s excited to not only speak with them about historic and beautiful Lake Placid but also to talk about the Beauts.

“It will give me that opportunity to let the kids see a whole different side of what I do on a daily basis,” Neumann said.

Neumann keeps reminding herself of what an incredible opportunity it will be -- for herself and for her students. They’re part of her identity, and she can’t wait to have them with her.

“My prep for the bubble is going to depend a lot on what school looks like when it comes time for us to leave for the bubble,” Neumann said. “But I believe my students are going to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience through that.”

And of course, she’s looking forward to being in Lake Placid.

“When I was in prep school, we used to play in a tournament in Lake Placid every year after New Year’s,” said Neumann. “In the wintertime, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, so I’m excited for that.”

photographer: Mike Hetzel (from left to right they are Carly Jackson, Kelsey Neumann, and Caty Flagg)